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Storm: Revamp, Updates, Art showcase

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 14, 2012, 9:17 PM

6:45 PM
                 Storm: The freak weather is knocking out power, toppling trees and causing all sorts of havoc over here. We've had days where it was 100+ degrees in the afternoo, and hailed that evening. Now lets move on again. The journal deleted itself, so I'm retyping, thats what that meant...nevermind. Moving on.

                  Revamp</u> Well, as you can see, I now have a premium membership, courtesy of the gracious Zs99:iconzs99: If anyone's interested in anthropomorphic art presented in literary, traditional and digitally enhanced manners, you should check out her gallery. and if not, you should check it out regardless. Seriously, she's way too talented to not be getting more views.
Now, why did I decide to change my username? Well, its for a number of reasons; First, NoraOkami is Japanese for StrayWolf; "Stray," as I know that there's something I'm supposed to do but don't know what or where that is, and "Wolf", as in my totem. My new name is a tribute to my heritage, as I am Cherokee and Shinnecock. "Haseo", is what my name is Cherokee would be,(as well as the name of my favorite video game/anime character), "Ani", is a shortened version of "Ani-Yun-Wiya", which is what we Cherokee called ourselves. It translates into "The Principle People", "The Real People", or just "The People". James Cameron eat your heart out.(For those not in the know, "Cherokee" is actually Creek for "People-Who-Speak-Another-Language. as we spoke an Algonquin dialect, which is basically the same difference as a New Yorker/ New Jersey person trying to communicate with some with a deep south cajun accent.) And lastly, "Waya" is the agreed upon quote-unquote "Native American" word for Wolf.

                 Updates: I think I've finally gotten good enough at drawing that my style is starting to take shape; I've got two pics done and now need to be colored and scanned, and hopefully several comic pages as well. I also want to get back to writing soon, but I've still got these darn Summer reading projects, and Summer vacations almost over ta boot...
                 Art Showcase: Seeing as this is only a 1-month subscription, I wanted ta do this at east once; To display some of the topmost quality art that I've come across that fits a specific theme. The first time I typed this I had something witty written here, but seeing as my mind is hash right now, please sit back relax, and enjoy the art.
Notice: If You and I have been in recent talks discussing your art and you do not see any of your peieves presented here, I offer my sincerest apologies. Your art is still top quality, but probably does not qualify for this particular showcasing. Thank you for undestanding.
Find Peace by larebabysaiyan by larebabysaiyan:iconlarebabysaiyan:
TGBTG: Hana Yori Dango by Xoxochi by Xoxochi:iconxoxochi:
:thumb299630043: by m0rganrebecca:iconm0rganrebecca:
Listen To Your Heart by m0rganrebecca by m0rganrebecca:iconm0rganrebecca:
:thumb313557358: by esterzilla:iconesterzilla:
Am I Feeling Love . ? by pukukurin by pukukurin:iconpukukurin:
Protective by awildchelseaappeared by awildchelseaappeared:iconawildchelseaappeared:
Please Don't Cry... by awildchelseaappeared by awildchelseaappeared:iconawildchelseaappeared:
B.I.B.L.E ( Improved design ) by SavedArt by SavedArt:iconsavedart:
TGBTG: Aoharaido by Xoxochi by Xoxochi:iconxoxochi:
Long distance relationship by ScorpionPhoenix by ScorpionPhoenix:iconscorpionphoenix:
Knite: Two Worlds, One Dream by yuumei by yuumei:iconyuumei:
Enjoy the silence. by viria13 by viria13:iconviria13:
Daijoubu- the truth -full view by nillia by nillia:iconnillia:
The Distance by ShikiSenri101 by ShikiSenri101:iconshikisenri101:
distance by shortNotice by shortNotice:iconshortnotice:
Never apart by miaboas by miaboas:iconmiaboas:
Distance by TofuStrawberriez by TofuStrawberriez:icontofustrawberriez:

Images from | Skin CSS by sam-ely-ember
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Toppers351 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2012
hey, what happened to the fragment series? it was a good read from what i caught.
Haseo-Ani-Waya Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you. I think your the first one ta comment on this newest version.
AQnd it's still on-going...My personal life has just been rather arduous of late, and I've only had time to make adjustments, and not nearly enought to compose into chapters or pics.
Toppers351 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2012
ah, makes sense. thought you got rid of the chapter
Haseo-Ani-Waya Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Did I? I thought I fixed that.
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July 14, 2012